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Sheep 11458

Updated: Apr 23

Sheep 11458 by Alice Robinson. I love it.

Her Royal College of Art MA project focused on making as much as possible from just one sheep, numbered 11458. Alice made all sorts of stuff from this one sheep - knitwear, shoes, gloves and more. All from one sheep. 

This is the way to reduce livestock numbers and the blight of overgrazing. If we create more value from everything nature gives us, then there's no need to have so much intensity and so many animals. Less overgrazing, more room for nature to rebound. It's the economic side of 'wilder farming' 

Value chains that work for the benefit of nature, not for extractors. 

This is essential for restoring the rangelands - we have to change the economics for herders so they can make more from less. 

Very smart stuff. We need much more of this. 


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