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Keppel&Co is a strategy consulting firm that integrates brand and sustainability. We design powerful business models that create value for the planet.


Sustainability is a massive opportunity not a risk. Our work is all about spotting and realising that opportunity. Fixing the planet is good business.


Value Redefined

My background is in business strategy and brand consulting - working with major corporations and ambitious start-ups. 

For the past 15 years I have been focused on business to "do good". 

Taking a planet centred perspective to classic brand strategy techniques is a pathway to discovering market leading new value opportunities. 

There is massive business value in sustainability. 

Nick Keppel-Palmer
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The work that most shaped my approach



One of the strongest brands around. I spent 10 years developing strategy and new business models. I learned so much, how to plan a strategy, how to get it through layers of stakeholders, the leverage points in a complex business. 


Wolff Olins

8 years heading up strategy for the global brand business. I ended up doing a lot of the complex and somewhat sensitive work. Royal Mail Group as it went through painful transition, NHS shifting to patient choice, RBS following the crash, PwC as it faced ferocious scrutiny, and many more.


Food and farming

I spent a lot of time with farmers working for DEFRA on diversification and collaboration. It was my first close examination of the disconnect between supply chains and landscapes. Later I led a future of food program for a major international supermarket group. 


Eco tech and landscapes

The climate and biodiversity crises demand system level responses.  "Transformation" isn't enough - we need new paradigms.  Both eco-tech (hydrogen cars, natural refrigerants) and landscape restoration (Mongolia, Good Growth) needed new business models that work for the planet. 




Strategy at VW Group. Food and farming innovation. Brand strategy at Wolff Olins. Many clients big and small. A lot of frustration at how poor business was at doing good.



Business to do good. Many amazing experiences. A hydrogen car business. Georgia's leading bank. Wine. Real estate. Mental health. Pensions. Healthcare systems. Heating and cooling technology. Tourism. Future of food.

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