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Strategy Advisors

We are a brand and business strategy consultant specialized in sustainability. Our focus is on designing business models that deliver 'value redefined' - value creation that is good for the planet. Our brand strategies generate extraordinary value. Value which is intrinsically regenerative.

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Sustainable Growth Strategy

At Keppel&Co, we combine brand and sustainability strategy to deliver better ways to grow. Our srategies enable our clients to create value in a way that is good for the planet and the people.

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Value redefined

We believe in a planet-first design approach to reimagine business. We look to create economic value from our instinctive sense of value.

Nature uplift, connection to each other, connection to planet. These are intangible values that can be translated into economic value. 


Instead of high volume, low cost, economy of scale thinking we look for unassailable intrinsic value.

This is the value of origin, the value of connection, the value of nature. 

It can't be easily measured but it's priceless. 

The new economy - identity value

Doing good is good business. Very small investments yield big returns. 

Story value creates both demand and margin.

Community actions (such as Teliani's Wine People program) generate disproportionate results and deep competitive advantage.

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Groundbreaking strategy

Cultural connection creates competitive advantage. Shifting the focus of a real estate developer away from $ per square meter and onto cultural connection delivers full order books and healthy margins.

Places with soul for people with soul.

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