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Riversimple is an ambitious reinvention of personal transport. The business combines hydrogen fuel cell technology, lightweight vehicle design, a circular business model and a multi-stakeholder governance system.

It is a car business that does not sell cars. Mobility as a service.

One challenge was in articulating the totality of the vision to potential investors, partners, customers and collaborators. Another was in working out how to bring the proposition to market whilst it was still in design stage. Hydrogen infrastructure remains limited, and acts as a brake on progress.

This is a whole systems approach to sustainability. Ultimately all enduring business models will need to embrace a whole systems approach. But it's not easy - especially in financing.

A lot of the design that has gone into Good Growth was informed by what I had experienced first hand at Riversimple.

The beta tests we designed are now in train and the company edges ever closer to commercialisation.

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