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Strategy for good

Business driven shifts that make the world a better place.

Recently we have worked on healthcare systems, housing and community spaces, and environmental services and products. We specialise in fast developing and frontier economies.

Business and brand strategy

Business has enormous power to do good. 

We work with people who make the world a better place.

Restoring the environment, improving lives, great products.


This is a Yak. 

By creating value chains for Yak wool products we diversify the incomes of Mongolian herders away from cashmere.

Which means they can have fewer goats.

Goats eat everything.

Fewer goats = more biodiversity.

Strategy for the planet

We don't just advise. We do.

Check out Good Growth - value chains to restore nature.

Business for a better world


Also home to Polster Works - fine upholstery near Bath

and of course Good Growth and Khunu.

Holt House


Bath BA2 9EH

United Kingdom

+44 7747 863960

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