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A 'good' residential business from Wissol.

Wissol Group had a history of creating businesses that impacted how people live - food, retail and automotive. There was a strong family ethos in the group that sought to improve lives through business. The residential real estate landscape in Georgia was (is) far from perfect and far from fair for residents. Prices outstripping wages; short term developers; a heavily over-financialised proposition; buildings that paid no attention to the history or culture of Georgia.

Places that had no soul.


Enter an overcrowded and fragmented Georgian residential market with a proposition that shifted the landscape permanently, and offered demonstrably better value in the biggest sense of the word.

Build a long term brand and business in an environment dominated by short termism.

Bring the values of Wissol Group to an entirely new sector in a commercially robust business.

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Stories of place

We did very deep exploration into the origins and history of each place, discovering a wealth of stories both written but also unwritten. 

We also discovered the importance of visual storytelling in Georgian regional identity - the symbols, motifs, colours that really matter, that make each place.

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What we did

We looked deep into the current situation - tried to define why it felt wrong. Essentially we concluded that the "deal" for Georgians was swapping old Soviet blocks for new Soviet blocks. When we looked into what made Georgians happy - it was a sense of community and shared place.

So we designed the brand to be all about place making - not buildings but places where new communities could form.

And that meant designing the places to fit into the fabric of the city, places with soul, and to imbue each with its own authentic story.

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A truly Georgian brand

Putting story at the heart of the brand delivers immediate differentiation in a market where the vernacular is all $ per square meter. More importantly the telling of stories is the glue that binds the Georgian identity. Each region has its own stories, and each Georgian identifies with "their" region. 

Place identity shapes cultural identity. Rather than pushing everyone into anonymous tower blocks we designed spaces where these stories could come together and new communities could thrive.

Biograpi will launch in 2023

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