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Teliani Valley

A winery in Georgia, with an ambition to put Georgia on the international stage. 

Wine is lifeblood for Georgians. The country is replete with 500 odd grape varieties and a multitude of wineries. The making and consuming of wine is fundamental to the identity of the place. Teliani Valley is one of the most pioneering wineries - a post-Soviet champion hauled from the debris of the Soviet industrial approach to wine, all volume, and infused with millennia of winemaking traditions.

Wine as a symbol of who we are.


Put Teliani Valley on the international map.

Confidence to tell our real story - all the attitude and the slog to build something modern and new, suffusing the magical Georgian winemaking wisdom with a well run operation and above all a love of life and laughter. This is not serious snobby winemaking - this is just seriously good wine made by lovely people.


Place and story

The importance of story and place was massively influential in the development of Good Growth. Wine and place are linked in a way that hardly any other category is - we could use wine as a template for fibre, food and materials.

Teliani is a place (not strictly speaking a valley) that has a depth of history. That is the jumping off point for the brand and its story.

2019-09-28 15.25.55.jpg

What we did

We lifted Teliani Valley out from the generic "Georgian wine" story - which is all about 8000 years of wine - to tell its own proud post-Soviet story. 

A celebration of the people and the approach - no cultivated and manicured picture postcard stuff here, but real people having fun in a viniculture that is intrinsically close to nature.

Our UK-Georgian design team created a design language from the fabulous Georgian alphabet.


What happened

Teliani successfully entered the UK and US markets in a channel strategy built on independent retailers. The story needed to be told so was better suited to the fast growing independent sector catering to inquisitive explorer type buyers. Initial shipments sold out straight away, margins were significantly higher than in existing markets, and despite Covid the brand has now entered several more European markets. 

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