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Nick Keppel-Palmer

I started out developing conventional growth strategies for big companies - within VW Group and then later for the brand business Wolff Olins advising numerous banks, professional services firms, media companies, and big public services .


That all convinced me that the fastest way to create truly regenerative systems is to build new ventures from scratch - so I've spent the last 8 years designing business and go-to-market strategies for new ambitious eco-friendly businesses.

Mandar Jayawant

An engineer and development economist by training, I've worked on rural development and environment conservation projects, agribusiness, finance, and infrastructure in China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

Previously a senior manager at Asian Development Bank, I founded Mongolia’s first ever private equity fund and have been developing financing models for regenerative business systems.

“Exceptional in a crisis, good under pressure, calm and effective with the press, refreshingly far sighted and strategic in his thinking, and all the while remaining jovial and good fun, easily bringing people along with him. Nick is inspiring to work with”

Martin Campbell, Beacon Strategic