• Nick

Facebook’s got a file on you

I find Facebook useful – sometimes – but less so every day. Too many quizzes and personality tests harvesting election rigging data.

It’s been the easiest, the laziest way for me to keep in touch with some of my friends and family. But from now on I’m going to use a bit more effort and a lot less Facebook.

But I couldn’t help myself when the various Cambridge Analytica stories surfaced – how much did Facebook have on me? Turns out quite a lot….

There’s a very hard to find bit of Facebook where you can ask for your data archive:

After about half an hour you get an email back with all the stuff Facebook has on you – or maybe not all but at least some of it. Much of it is what you would expect – but there’s stuff in there that I don’t remember ever being asked for, in particular logs of phone calls between me and tons of people that are not connected to me on Facebook.

Now I don’t think it is right in any way that Facebook gets access to my phone, and keeps a record of who I call and who calls me. In just the same way that I don’t expect Vodafone to have a log of all my Facebook posts.

So now I’m more than a bit pissed off. It’s not OK. Permission to monitor my phone cannot be gleaned by burying it somewhere in a gigantic terms and conditions window that would take a week to read before agreeing. In fact so far as I know there is no option to say “I don’t agree” – so if I want to use Facebook I *have* to agree.

But I don’t agree. And guess what – now I don’t trust Facebook. Its utility is outweighed by its snooping. Brand fail.

If you haven’t downloaded your Facebook archive I urge to do so – we should all know what they know……


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