Nick Keppel-Palmer
Founder and Principal

I have been helping businesses find big new growth for most of my adult life.

I started with Volkswagen Group getting heavily involved in growth, brand and transformation strategies, before working with farm and food businesses using the early internet to establish straight to market propositions. I learned a lot about business (and politics!)

For 8 years I was head of strategy for Wolff Olins, the global brand business, working with clients undergoing very significant change or facing tricky crises such as Royal Mail coping with competition, PwC facing pressure to break up, RBS immediately after being bailed out and SAAB when it went bust.

For the past 7 years I have been working with very ambitious early stage businesses to help them establish themselves and grow – design products, get them to market, attract investment, make a difference.

I'm convinced that business - when designed right - is the most powerful force on the planet, with the power to create a lot of good.


The strategies I design share a common thread in delivering a greater social and environmental impact than simple profit.

Designed in the right way, business can make a better world for us all and the generations to come.

I work all over the world, and live with my family and a growing number of animals in the countryside near Bath.

“Exceptional in a crisis, good under pressure, calm and effective with the press, refreshingly far sighted and strategic in his thinking, and all the while remaining jovial and good fun, easily bringing people along with him. Nick is inspiring to work with”

Martin Campbell, Beacon Strategic

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