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Vian Healthcare

Transforming the culture of healthcare in Georgia. 

Healthcare provision in Georgia is fragmented and highly commercialised. Georgians are unhealthy and do not trust institutions. The country has far too many doctors and not nearly enough nurses. As the largest network of hospitals in Georgia Evex is faced with being the de facto leader in a fragmented system - shaping the whole system for everyone. 

We needed to retire the Evex brand, enabling the hospitals business to evolve into a full spectrum healthcare business - with a new sense of purpose and energy. Full of life. 


Transform the culture of healthcare

Reinforce the network strength of the business - one big family across multiple regions. Build trust. Attract and retain excellent staff. Grow beyond hospitals and illness into general healthcare.

Above all resolve the tension between "business" and "healthcare".


Resolving the dilemma

The issue of healthcare as a business caused massive discomfort. Nobody was clear on how to articulate the very real need to make money in order to invest in healthcare.

Sometimes the business side impinged too far into the health side - "patients" as "customers".

The strategy clarified and resolved the tension between business and health.

2022-03-24 10.44.11.jpg

What we did

We got to the heart of what made the business really effective as a healthcare provider - by drawing on how it had operated during the Covid pandemic. 

A much more human business, outward looking and clear on the need to invest in the future of healthcare by establishing multiple revenue streams alongside universal provision - a purpose led healthcare business.

A healthcare brand built on shared values.

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Vian Healthcare

In mid 2023 Vian healthcare was born. A brand and a business on a healthcare mission. Full of purpose. Full of life. A new day.

The Italian Design studio Dinn took our strategy and created an identity full of soul and positivity. A massive shift in tone from the very techy feel of the previous hospitals brand. 

Healthcare is about how we live.


Vian is all about life. 

2022-03-22 17.33.18.jpg
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