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The kind of work we do

We design strategies for lasting success. Good for the planet, for people, within a robust and commercially successful model. Business for good.


Business built on a deep sense of 'who we are' and 'what the world needs from us'

This is where business and brand strategy intersect.

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Wissol Group - place making business


Citadele - for the people

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Teliani Valley - place and story

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Riversimple - whole system approach


Evex Hospitals - future of healthcare


Mongolia - whole of the chain


Good growth - value chains for nature

We work in all sectors

In recent years we have been especially focused on eco and environmental businesses, and in developing pioneering brands in frontier and fast developing economies. 


Corporate growth strategies for VW, PwC, HSBC.

New business models for health, wine, agricultural products.

Environmental businesses such as Good Growth, Riversimple.  

Redefining value for scarce resources such as water in the Middle East.

Recently several projects in Georgia - a wine business, a leading bank, a hospitals business, a socially focused residential business.

Client list

Wissol Group - new residential brand and business (2023 launch)

Georgia Healthcare Group - strategy for the country's leading hospitals group (2023 launch)

NWC - redefining the value of water in the Middle East (2022)

PwC - brand strategy; global healthcare strategy; regulatory response; technology consulting strategy; purpose

SAAB - back to our roots brand strategy after change of ownership

RBS - strategy reset after banking crisis

Musgrave - future of food

Husky Finance - strategy and investment

Petromin - brand architecture

Bank of Georgia - brand strategy; brand architecture

Nissan - product positioning

Royal Mail - brand strategy through transition from public service to private company

Post Office - brand strategy through demerger from Royal Mail

Lebara - innovation in Middle East

Maple - business and brand strategy

Work WellBeing - business and brand strategy

Shecco - business and brand strategy

Direct Line - innovation

Royal College of Psychiatrists - image of psychiatry in the mental health landscape

HSBC - leadership program

LPP - Local Government Pension Scheme pooling

Volkswagen - strategy for growth

“Nick pieced us back together. 'all the King's horses and all the king's men couldn't.....but Nick could'" 

CEO and Founder, on getting through the toughest of  tough times

“Nick made a big impact.  Stopped all kinds of nonsense, killed white label, got us into sensible pricing and one product, took us from a confused brand and business to become Husky. It was quite a contribution .”

Steve Wilkinson, CTO Husky Finance

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